Founded in 1995 and having as initial activities, marketing of Telecommunication equipment and Providing Engineering Design Services, the Protele Engenharia comes over these 20 years, expanding and developing its range of Services in many areas of Engineering, operating in several Brazilian states for customers of all sizes. Operating throughout the Northeast region besides constant specialization in providing Project Development Services and Construction of Telecommunications Networks of Optical cables, metallic and coaxial. Our team is formed by experienced professionals, which allied a simplified internal organization, aims to seek agility in best Solutions and Alternatives for the customer.
Av. Rui Barbosa, 1491
Lagoa Nova - Natal/RN
Brazil - Zip code: 59056-300
Phone: +55 84 3344-4555
The Protele Engenharia, has its headquarters in the city of Natal/RN and has branches throughout the Northeast, with employees trained to work in various activities.
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